Who owns NPSC?
Legally, NPSC is owned by the members of the Board of Directors of the corporation. However, in spirit, NPSC is owned by the pharmacies that are part of the network. No Board Member can financially gain from his/her participation on the Board. The only financial remuneration that Board members receive is expenses for attending meetings 4 times per year.
Who can become a Board Member of NPSC?
Pharmacy owners that have stores that belong to the NPSC network can request an application to join the Board. In addition, owners whose pharmacy is part of the network that would like to recommend a pharmacist that they have worked with in their business for 3 or more years, may also apply to become as Board member. For a well-rounded perspective we also have seats available for non-pharmacy owners. In our 25+ years of experience with Board members outside of the business of pharmacy, they have brought a wealth of knowledge and a perspective on issues that is different but important for the Board’s consideration. We have had consultants, PBM executives, research pharmacists, bankers and others.
Is there a cost to join NPSC?
There is a fee if you do not purchase through our prime wholesaler program. From today through 2024 that wholesaler is McKesson. If you do not use McKesson you will be part of our Fair-share Program which means you will be billed for participation in the network based on your wholesaler purchases. The fee we charge can be reduced if you purchase through the many vendor programs we provide. We share a portion of the administrative and marketing fees we receive from the vendors in our program, with the pharmacies purchasing from those vendors. Things like bottles and vials, generics, return services, etc. (Please see our vendor directory for more information).  Those incentives go up against the invoice for participation, reducing those fees. 
What is the membership application process?
The process is very simple.  Just contact the NPSC office at 800-532-3742 and tell us you would like to join.  One of our pharmacy consultants will call you and set up a meeting.  Our consultant will help you fill out the agreement.  Once the agreement is completed and signed, we then link you to all of our vendor programs and provide you with a great deal of important information for your business. Our field consultants are experts and will continue to work with you providing the services and support you need for your business.
Do I have to use one of your prime wholesalers?
No, you do not. If you choose not to use one of our wholesalers you will be billed for your participation in the network. The cost is based on your wholesaler purchases so that it is fair for those large and small. Any and all NPSC vendor programs that you participate in that generate incentive dollars; will count toward payment of that bill. We have a few of our network pharmacies that are in this category and they feel that the benefits they receive from NPSC, far outweigh what they pay. Many pay nothing, as the incentives pay their bill.
How are incentive dollars distributed?
We share a portion of all monies received from our 40+ vendors in our program with the pharmacies network.  In addition, there is a cap on wholesaler administrative fees ($625/mo single store, $1000/mo. multiple stores – same owner) so all monies received over that cap go back to the store as well. 
Can I buy some of the materials you provide your network?
Yes.  There are a number of materials that we have produced for our network that we sell.  Our HIPAA 2013-Privacy and Security, our Pseudoephedrine Log BookSchedule II Inventory Binder, Fraud Waste and Abuse Web-Based Training and our Pharmacy Tech Training Manual.  Call us for more information.
What does it cost to attend the NPSC Expo?
Nothing, if you belong to the network.  All CE’s, food and giveaways are free!  If you do not belong to the network, you can join us and enjoy all the festivities and get all the CE’s for you and your techs for $150 per day/per person
I am opening a new store. Can you help me?
Yes!  That is one of the best times to contact us!  Our field consultants are experts at what you need to do day one!  We have assisted a number of new owners in opening their stores.  We know what regulatory issues must be handled, what third party issues you must address and all the steps that can make this very overwhelming project a bit easier.  Just call us; we will do all we can to help you.