Third Party

Third Party programs and their administration are at the core of every community pharmacy’s business. Access is defined by contracts. Problem resolution is facilitated by reliable contact information.

Because this area is so important to Participating Pharmacies, NPSC devotes a lot of time and energy to third party activities. We contract with selected commercial plans where we feel NPSC’s administration creates advantages for the pharmacies. We accept payments from the plans where it is a requirement or creates an advantage for the stores; the sign up for ACH is here. Pharmacies can choose to receive checks or be paid electronically. NPSC contracts with all of the Med D plans in our region. Through attendance at several industry forums during the course of the year, NPSC establishes, maintains and nourishes relationships with ALL third party plans. It doesn’t matter to NPSC how a pharmacy participates with any PBM program; we have relationships to help solve problems.

Resources in the third party area include contact information on PBMs and plans; telephone and fax numbers, email addresses, and websites. There is a template for an insurance plan signature log sheet. If you are a Participating Pharmacy, you may proceed to Login.