About Us

The mission of NPSC is to provide business development services, individualized support, and strategic advocacy to independent community pharmacy.


1991 – Founded

In July of 1991 NPSC is founded by a group of pharmacists that wanted a voice in the future of their businesses. NPSC set up their first office up over an independent pharmacy while they recruited other MA pharmacies to join them. CT joined in1992 and by the end of the year, NPSC had 700 stores in the network and a small team of employees. In 1995 a true Board of Directors is established.

1994 – Wholesaler Program Begins

The Prime Vendor program began by offering three prime vendors who NPSC established contracts with so network pharmacies would have a choice. These contracts lowered cost of goods for pharmacies and those not awarded contracts often covered pharmacies’ fees for NPSC participation.

PBM Contracts – Early Years

In 1992, NPSC contracted with Federal Employee Program, Value Rx, and managed care contracts. A John Hancock contract started the company and MA gained one union contract and several municipal agreements thereafter. NPSC won a bid to serve BCBS-CT that included all NPSC pharmacies and a small network of chains representing millions of dollars in revenue for independent pharmacies.

Middle Decade

NPSC managed network agreements for many network pharmacies through the company’s NCPDP chain code. NPSC acted as the fiduciary for the network receiving and distributing funds to the network, increasing pharmacy reimbursements.


Optum Rx and Express Scripts exclude the majority of PSAO’s including NPSC further reducing reimbursements.

Regulatory & Legislative Affairs – 2003

NPSC’s healthcare attorney wrote up guidance for independent pharmacies to comply with HIPAA requirements and in 2005 he did the same for the Security Rule. NPSC provided guidance to network pharmacies at no cost. NPSC joined state organization and chains to file a lawsuit against the state of MA amid the 2003 tax case. Judge ruled in pharmacy’s favor.


NPSC hired a lobbyist for CT government relations.
NPSC fought to keep regulators from making compounding extinct in MA following the New England Compounding Center case.
Independent pharmacy suffered losses as NCPA sold Community Care Rx to Caremark and RxAlly was taken over by Walgreens.

Growth & Partnerships


NPSC added Rhode Island, then Maine to the network followed by New Hampshire and Vermont through wholesaler relationships.


NPSC supported CPESN in Massachusetts through administrative participation and member recruitment. In 2018, NPSC hosted a formative meeting for the CT Chapter, and stimulated the foundation of the RI chapter.


NPSC pulled 4 New England CPESN chapters to bid on a grant to financially support practice transformation. NPSC did not receive the grant and used the experience when the MA chapter was successful in 2021. NPSC also providedadministrative and training support for Flip the Pharmacy.

2020 to Today

Covid-19 Outbreak

NPSC delivered true and accurate information to the pharmacy network following the Covid-19 outbreak. From access to PPE to changes in third party rules to approving test equipment, PPP loans, regulatory changes, and more. Information changed weekly and NPSC stood front and center providing faxes, email, social media, and field consultants to help the network provide care for patients.


NPSC worked with state agencies, wholesalers and others so that network pharmacies could gain access to vaccines. Independent pharmacies play an important role as health care providers and educators, and are optimal resources for public health emergency responses as many are in neighborhoods where there are no other pharmacies. NPSC continues to fight for provider status and the ability for pharmacies to provide and be paid for services beyond “pills in a bottle”.


We communicate with the FTC directly regarding our pharmacy network’s concern for their future and that of their patients. PBM activities over the last 25 years show complete disregard for anti-trust laws that are set up to protect the public against monopolistic activities. PBM’s are now vertically and horizontally integrated and control too much of the healthcare marketplace. NPSC sincerely hopes the Commission acts soon to rein in PBM’s anticompetitive behaviors and set guidelines for the businesses going forward.


    • Regulatory and Legislative Advocacy
    • Legal Assistance
    • Pharmacy Services
    • Annual Expo


    • Professional Development
    • Industry Trends
    • Education and Compliance
    • Dedicated, Trained Support


    • Pharmacy Operations
    • Group Purchasing
    • Opening, Buying and Selling


    • Vendor Referral Program
    • Networking Opportunities
    • Competitive Advantage in Changing Marketplace


Opening a New Store? NPSC provides customized store Set-up Assistance – call us before you begin this process! We can save you hours of work!

  • Customized pharmacy set-up materials (complete for your inspection)
  • Guidance on applying for: Tax ID, NPI, NCPDP, DEA, State licenses
  • Knowledge with: Liability insurance requirements, Rx software options
  • Credentialing/Third Party application assistance
  • Combat methamphetamine Self-Certification
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PMP) – Registration

USP<800> Compliance Program – Step by step guide for compounding and retail pharmacies. Including a special counting tray and Hazardous drug labels.

Regulatory Box – A great place to store all the important pieces needed for state inspections and PBM audits complete with labeled files to fill and a few blanks for
customization! A network hit!

Schedule II Inventory logbook –the most important log in your store
HIPAA Program – Privacy /Security/HITECH

State Specific Resources – Signage, policy and forms

  • Pharmacy Compliance Check Lists
  • Medication Error Quality Assurance
  • Compliance and Regulatory Guidance

Continuous Quality Improvement Program

Medicare Enrollment Applications – CMS 855b/CMS 855s – assistance with completing correct application and help with required supporting documentation

DME Accreditation

  • Knowledge of accrediting bodies
  • Assistance with survey preparation (CMS site visit)
  • Review and assistance with accreditation exemption
  • State specific Pharmacy Technician Program – Training for your technicians

Change of Ownership – We offer guidance with NCPDP, NPI, third party applications, DEA, State Licenses, Medicare B and more!

Combo Pharmacies
Pharmacies that provide compliance packaging to any LTC settings can increase reimbursements and decrease cost of goods by becoming a “combo pharmacy”. NPSC will assist with the application process.


Fax & Email Network – Urgent and Important Information Only
Bi-monthly Newsletter – interesting, thought provoking, informative articles
Field Consultants – Knowledgeable professionals contacting/communicating with network stores regularly bringing information and providing assistance for all facets of your pharmacy business
Super Help Desk/Consulting – help and support for all sectors of your business
NPSC Annual Vendor Expo and CE Program – 1 day program (free for network pharmacies) training programs, exhibitors and 5-8 hrs. of CE on owner-relevant topics
Free webinars – Important topics for your business.

Group Purchasing Organization (GPO)

Prime Wholesaler – McKesson
Secondary Wholesaler – Smith Drug
Over 30+ Contracted Vendors – Important products and services
Secondary Generic Supplier – TopRx
FPN Affiliate – Access to great vaccine contracts, and more
Compliance Incentives – Quarterly incentives based on individual and groups’ purchasing compliance

Third Party Resolution

Issue Resolution – Got a problem, call us. We have knowledge and contacts that can help.
Comprehensive Contract Review – got questions on a contract? Call us.

Advocacy for Independent Pharmacy

Advocacy Center – Advocacy Center on www.northeastpharmacy.com – See what NPSC is doing to advocate for independent pharmacy!
Access to leading healthcare attorney – 1 hour free per year
Government relations firm – on retainer to provide guidance, assistance and advocacy for NPSC’s network pharmacies
NPSC works with other professional groups in the country to help solve problems for all independent pharmacies.

Planning for the Future

Our Board of Directors do Strategic Planning annually – focused on the needs of pharmacy owners in this changing environment and exploring emerging opportunities, technologies
We introduce buyers and sellers of pharmacies
Sponsoring programs for education and training for network pharmacies that are important for their future
CPESN – New England – Chapters in MA, CT – (NPSC is the administrative arm) If you have questions, call us!
NPSC’s guided focus for the future of the NPSC network – billing the medical side, medication management, vaccines, and point of care testing
DSCSA – We have a contract with a 3rd party company specialist to help pharmacies comply with the upcoming law
NPSC is always focused on what next we can do for our network pharmacies. Ask us about our current projects!

NPSC would not be here without the relentless and awesome work of our staff, many of whom have been with us for over 20 years. The entire team at NPSC are outstanding professionals focusing their efforts on doing their best for our pharmacy network, regardless of time or difficulty of task. Many of our network pharmacy owners have told us they don’t know what they would do without us!

Our field consultants are rock stars who have given generously of themselves through all the changes to pharmacy plans and laws both state and federal. For each new challenge they guide and assist the pharmacy network so they can continue to care for patients.

Pat Monaco


Pat Monaco is a native of Connecticut and joined NPSC as the CT Pharmacy Consultant in November of 1992. At that time, NPSC was just beginning it’s push into CT after launching the company in MA in 1991. Pat introduced CT pharmacies to NPSC and most of the pharmacies were interested in joining the company because the company focus was to work with third party payors on behalf of their pharmacy network. At the time, NPSC also held the Value Rx and Federal Employee contract.
By the beginning of 1993, NPSC had over 700 pharmacies in MA and CT in their network. Pat was named President/CEO in 1995 and has enjoyed the many years of working with the company’s great team of professionals and Board of Directors in the best interest of their independent community pharmacy clients.

Dave Benoit

Vice President Patient Care Services

David Benoit started his journey with NPSC in 1994 following a career as a pharmaceutical sales
representative with the Upjohn Company. Dave is the NPSC resident pharmacist, and has
extensive knowledge in pharmacy process, business development, third party contracts, and best
practices. Dave represents NPSC in legislative matters both writing testimony in the office to
presenting testimony to legislators. Dave does everything it takes and more to support the NPSC

Ed Schreiner

Vice President of Network Development

For almost 36 years, Ed Schreiner was the owner and managing pharmacist of Stoll’s Pharmacy, Inc. in Waterbury, Connecticut. He has served on the NPSC Board of Directors since 2003, including fifteen years as Board Chair. Ed brings a unique blend of clinical experience and strategic leadership to our company, including a passion for pharmacist-based patient care services and a commitment to excellence. Ed is dedicated to supporting our network of pharmacies as he works to bring new business opportunities to them.

Ron Lanton, III, Esq

General Counsel and NPSC Advocacy Center Director

Ron Lanton has over 25 years of experience focused on government affairs and legal including 20 years dedicated to the healthcare sector. As the NPSC Advocacy Center Director and General Counsel, Ron helps direct pro pharmacy state and federal policies as well as helps network pharmacies manage risks. Issues that he handles for NPSC include but is not limited to compliance, reimbursement, Medicaid/Medicare, compounding, infusion, medical devices, biologics/biosimilars, etc. Additionally he helps the NPSC Board shape strategy for the future of pharmacy. Mr. Lanton is admitted to practice in Illinois, District of Columbia and New York with
Massachusetts pending.

Cathy Oram

Director of Finance

Cathy has over 25 years of experience helping independent community pharmacies thrive. Cathy
joined NPSC in 1994 as part of the PSAO Management Team. After spending time in the field as a Pharmacy Consultant, she became part of the Executive Team in the role of Financial Director.
Cathy is the epitome of a team player rolling up her sleeves to help out wherever needed. Her extensive knowledge and excellent customer service skills help retail community pharmacies adapt and evolve into the future.

Anna Yamaykina

Director, MIS

Anna joined NPSC in 1994, at a time when the company was still in its early stages and the demand for computer expertise was greatly needed. From the moment she started, Anna took on the pivotal role of architecting and developing our company’s information systems. Her dedication and vision laid the foundation for the technological infrastructure that NPSC relies on today. Anna has not only built these systems but continues to diligently maintain and enhance them.
Anna single-handedly manages the entire spectrum of NPSC’s systems, from the intricacies of financial systems to the prime vendor program operations and the pharmacy network databases.

Karen Hekeler

Field Consultant, CT, RI, NY

Karen joined NPSC as a field consultant in September of 1996. Ever since Karen joined the company, she has been diligently supporting first CT pharmacies then RI and recently NY pharmacies. If you have a question, she probably has the answer! Karen pours her heart and soul into her work to support network pharmacies in her territory, responding to email and texts quickly in an effort to help pharmacies who need it most.

Pam Crabtree

Field Consultant, MA, ME, NH, NY, PA, VT

Pam joined NPSC in 2015 following a career as a Regional Sales Manager for PXT Payments and a contracted Independent Sales Representative. Pam is a highly motivated, results-oriented with experience in sales, customer relations, account and project management. She is organized and detail-oriented, and able to prioritize and delegate tasks in a timely manner to support the business of independent pharmacy. Pam has a warm rapport with the network and works tirelessly to obtain resources and answer questions.

Pam Crabtree

Susan Kurina

Susan Kurina

Finance Assistant

Susan joined NPSC in 2009 and supports Cathy Oram and Anna Yamaykina with Finance and Business Operations. Susan “holds down the fort” at the NPSC office and if you have called the office with a question, you most likely have spoken with Susan. Susan works diligently to keep operations moving forward so that the network is provided accurate information in a timely manner.

Valerie Kacian

Marketing Specialist

Valerie has over 20 years of experience working in marketing and communications for both small
businesses and corporations. Valerie joined NPSC as a marketing specialist and newsletter editor in 2011. Valerie currently works part time to support the network by coordinating & designing communications, managing social media platforms, working with vendors, and writing content.
When not working for NPSC, Valerie teaches yoga at various community studios.

Pharmacy owners that have stores that belong to the NPSC network can request an application to join the Board. In addition, owners whose pharmacy is part of the network that would like to recommend a pharmacist that they have worked with in their business for 3 or more years, may also apply to become as Board member. For a well rounded perspective we also have seats available for non-pharmacy owners. In our 25+ years of experience with Board members outside of the business of pharmacy, they have brought a wealth of knowledge and a perspective on issues that is different but important for the Board’s consideration. We have had consultants, PBM executives, research pharmacists, bankers and others.

Legally, NPSC is owned by the members of the Board of Directors of the corporation. However, in spirit, NPSC is owned by the pharmacies that are part of the network. No Board Member can financially gain from his/her participation on the Board. The only financial remuneration that Board members receive is expenses for attending meetings 4 times per year.

Tim Fensky

Chairman of the Board

Tim Fensky is the Chief Pharmacy Officer of Sullivan’s Healthcare. He facilitated the creation of Sullivan’s Health Care to provide closed door pharmacy services to long term care facilities, assisted living facilities, group residences, hospice, specialized schools, and compounding. In addition to long term care and pharmacy operations, Tim precepts students involved with Cardinal Health Sullivan’s Pharmacy MCPHS Specialized Residency Program, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Advanced Pharmacy Experience Program, and Northeastern Cooperative education. Tim has implemented MTM in assistant living facilities, incorporated pharmacy automation, and is a lead compounding staff. Tim was the Chairperson of National Associations of Boards of Pharmacy from May 2021 to May 2022. Tim was also a Board member of Massachusetts Board of Registry from January 2015 to October 2021.

Tim Fensky

D PIsano

Doug Pisano

Vice Chairman

Doug is the Professor and Dean of the School of Nursing and Health Services at Merrimack College in Andover, MA. Doug comes with a lifetime of executive leadership in higher education and an ability to advance an institution’s vision. Doug offers leadership in strategic planning and initiative development leading to growth, works diplomatically with agencies and communities. Doug’s extensive experience working in leadership and strategy is a huge asset to the network.

John Grossomanides


John is the Director of Pharmacy for a PBM and Health Plan; Pharmacist, with a Doctor for
Pharmacy and 30 years of experience in Retail, Hospital, Long Term Care and Managed Care.
serving as Vice President of Clinical Pharmacy Services, Director of Pharmacy and a Manager on
National Healthcare benefits team. John manages the Health plan’s PBM, retail pharmacy, mail
order pharmacy, and specialty pharmacy operations with a staff of 29. John also oversees medical
cost management of pharmaceutical agents processed through the medical benefit. He works with
self funded clients to develop cost savings strategies through formulary management, clinical
programs, and creating prior authorization criteria and guidelines. He has also developed a number
of Specialty Pharmacy cost savings programs for our organization.

John Grossomanides

Rocky Tenaglia


Rocky Tenaglia has been a pharmacy owner for over 37 years. Rocky owns both Nantasket Pharmacy opened on June 1986 and Scituate Pharmacy opened on July 1993. Rocky supports his community with exceptional leadership skills, customer service, and pharmacy automation.

Paul Hackett


Paul is the owner of Olden’s Pharmacy in South Weymouth, MA. Olden’s Pharmacy offers seasonal
healthcare products, vaccine services, and has forged relationships with area businesses for a robust front store department. Olden’s Pharmacy has also partnered with the South Shore Hospital on community health groups and works with their nursing team and midwives to provide the best support to our local families. Services include pharmacy, medication adherence, DME, medication synchronization, pet care, delivery, and diabetes specialized care. Paul and Olden’s Pharmacy support community health and wellness in a variety of ways.

Paul Hackett

Larissa Hubbard

Larissa Hubbard


Larissa works with her team at Pepperell Pharmacy. Pepperell Pharmacy supports their community
with CBD products, compounding services, DME, immunizations, delivery, and multi-dose compliance packaging. Open 7 days a week, Pepperell Pharmacy is accessible to their community through handicapped access, full hours, 24 hour emergency service, telehealth, home healthcare, walk in clinic, and prescription refills offered online.

Jeff Malone


Jeff Malone is the President and CEO of RxPreferred Benefits. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, RxPreferred Benefits provides pharmacy benefits administration services rooted in full transparency, innovative technology, and customizable solutions. Our organization has helped partners and programs of all sizes make the best decisions for themselves and their members through these core values. Jeff is an experienced entrepreneur in the healthcare field and provides valuable insight into the business of pharmacy.

Jeff Malone

Laks Pudipeddi

Laks Pudipeddi


Following pharmacy management positions at both Walmart and Rite Aid, Laks became the pharmacy manager at Bridgeport Pharmacy, and has been working there to support the Bridgeport community for 15 years. Laks has taken innovative steps to create pharmacy systems and processes that best support his community. Laks and Bridgeport Pharmacy was recently featured on NCPA’s “Show Me” program where he explored ways to develop a travel vaccine program at the store.

Shane Savage


For nearly 20 years, Shane Savage has been the owner and pharmacist of Savage’s Drug which encompasses 4 pharmacies, Fairfield Pharmacy, Unity Pharmacy, Winslow Pharmacy, and Oakland Pharmacy all located in the Lewiston/Auburn, Maine area. He also serves as a complaint officer for the Maine Board of Pharmacy, and has done so since 2004. Shane brings an incredible breadth of knowledge and expertise to the network.

Shane Savage

Ed Schreiner

Ed Schreiner

Director & Former Chair

Ed Schreiner is the President of Stoll’s Pharmacy in Waterbury, CT and the form Board Chair for NPSC. Ed’s leadership and vision has helped support the Waterbury community, as well as stores that are part of the NPSC network. Stoll’s Pharmacy specializes in immunizations and medical equipment. An important fixture of the community, Stolls provides diabetes specialized care, DME, long term care, medication synchronization, MTM, and Spanish speaking staff members