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OneCheck Select Program

Partner with the most trusted returns company in the industry to increase your inventory profitability and reduce time spent on returns. Return Solutions is a NPSC preferred vendor, with a reputation for honesty, accuracy, and quick reimbursement. If you’re tired of confusing fee structures, additional charges, and elaborate credit tracking processes, consider giving Return Solutions a risk-free trial.

The OneCheck Select program offers the fastest and simplest reimbursement program available. Receive a single check, for all credit due through OneCheck Select, within as few as 10 days after your return, or choose from the 30, 60, or 90-day payment options. The fee is an all-inclusive percentage of returnable credit value. Choose the comprehensive On-Site service and allow an experienced representative to take care of every aspect of your return or do returns on your own time with the convenient online Mail-In service.

As a NPSC member, you receive a discounted rate and the 30-for-90 promotion on your first return: your check is issued in just 30 days at the lower 90-day rate. Visit to take advantage of this special offer and see why so many independent pharmacies trust Return Solutions with their expired products.

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