Expo 2019

CE Goals and Objectives

The program is an opportunity for both pharmacists and technicians.

Immunization: Vaccines: The Safest Bet

Courtney J. Doyle-Campbell, PharmD, AHSCP-CHC, Professor, Western New England College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences

UAN: 0009‐9999‐19‐039‐L06‐P (pharmacists) Knowledge‐Based .1 CEUs

Discuss recordkeeping responsibilities and what to expect when DEA does a pharmacy audit
Discuss a pharmacist’s corresponding responsibility and recognizing potential “red flags”
Recognize common drugs of abuse and methods of diversion
Discuss nationwide prescription drug take back initiative and disposal options

UAN: 0009‐9999‐19‐039‐L06‐T (technicians) Knowledge‐Based .1 CEUs

Discuss the process the CDC uses for recommending vaccines
Discuss changes to the 2019 CDC Immunization
Schedule for Adults Aged 19 Years or Older
Review the recommendations made by the Advisory
Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) during their February 2019 annual meeting

Law: NCPA Advocacy Update

Karry LaViolette, Sr VP, Gov. Affairs & Dir. Of Advocacy Center, NCPA

UAN: 0009‐9999‐19‐040‐L03‐P (pharmacists)
UAN: 0009‐9999‐19‐040‐L03‐T (technicians)
Knowledge‐Based .1 CEUs

Discuss NCPA’s 2019 legislative priorities
Outline current initiatives focused on reforming the pharmacy payment model
Review best practices for communication with elected representatives to advance your legislative goals

Power Your Partnerships

Randy P. McDonough, Pharm.D., M.S., BCPS, FAPhA, Co‐Owner and Director of Clinical Services Towncrest, Solon Towncrest, and Towncrest Compounding

UAN: 0107‐9999‐18‐232‐L04‐P (pharmacists)
UAN: 0107‐9999‐18‐232‐L04‐T (technicians)
Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs

Discuss how impacting patient adherence positively affects quality ratings, patient health and pharmacy business
Create a plan to position your pharmacy as an ideal prescriber partner by focusing on prescriber performance‐based reimbursement opportunities like MACRA and MIPS
Evaluate a step‐by‐step process to create and maintain prescriber relationships that you may implement at your pharmacy
Prepare for conversations with prescribers including how to access the prescriber, how to determine what they need to know, and how to anticipate questions
Create your personalized pharmacy scorecard to maximize your success—including building your business and enhancing prescriber relationships

CPESN Success Stories

Joe Moose, Pharm D, Dir of Strategy & Luminary Development, CPESN

UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐029‐L04‐P (pharmacists) Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs
UAN: 0009‐9999‐18‐029‐L04‐T (technicians) Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs

Outline common needs that plans have, and that they (the plans) are willing to pay community pharmacies for solutions
Outline strategies of how a payer is working with a CPESN that could be mutually beneficial to both the pharmacy and the payor
Describe strategies used by CPESN networks to increase membership to achieve network adequacy for payors

Using Marketing to Conquer Goliath

Liz Tiefenthaler, Owner, PharmFresh Media, Westport, WI

UAN: 0009‐9999‐19‐042‐L04‐P (pharmacists)
UAN: 0009‐9999‐19‐042‐L04‐T (technicians)
Knowledge‐Based .2 CEUs

Discuss what is included in a basic marketing plan for independent pharmacy including value statement,
budget and execution
Describe how you can implement best practices in marketing to your store
List components of a successful marketing plan for pharmacy

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