Expo 2020

Information for Exhibitors

Through the magic of cutting edge technology and an experienced production company, the 2020 Expo & CE will be held in a new, innovative online format delivering high-value content, quality education, and networking opportunities for attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors alike, while keeping the safety and well-being of everyone a top priority.

  Network Non-Network Marketplace
Built-in attendee incentives/awards for participating and visiting vendors x x  
Showcase products & services x x x
Online direct networking opportunities x x  
Spotlight Vendor opportunities x x  
Swag Bag x x x
Chat Functions x x  
Technical Support Before & During Event x x  
Lead Capture x x x
Affordable Cost x x x
  $1,000 $1,100 $500

2020 Online Expo & CE Pricing

$1,100 Non-network
$1,000 Network
$500 Marketplace Vendor

To secure your spot in the Online Expo & CE program, visit Exhibitor Registration and complete the registration form. We will follow up with confirmation, payment processing, and details. If you have a question, please contact Valerie at valerie@northeastpharmacy.com.

Have any questions regarding the 2020 Expo & CE?